We provide to our clients cost-effective, high quality consulting and research services.

Our compreheshive services covers the whole process of supply management.

We are ready to serve our clients in all the phases or in any of them, according to the requirements.

if you have other specific needs, please let us know and we will do our very best to provide you with the right solution.

We are looking forward to our business cooperation!

Feasability studies We make a feasability study about sourcing your products from emerging markets and what result you can expect.

Supplier selection
We identify and pre-select for our clients the most suitable suppliers, based on the clients specifications and requirements.

RFI management From the identified suppliers, we gather information according to clients specification and requirements.

RFQ management
We have many experience with managing RFQ processes, considerng the specifics of the emerging markets.

We conduct negotiations to achieve the best conditions for our clients on one hand, on the other to have fair business which leads to long-term partnership.

Implementation support
This phase is crucial. Our local consultants will intesively help you to implement your projects.

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